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July 28, 2007
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Alien: Infection

My story isn’t a happy one.  If you’re looking for a joyful tale full of magic and wonder, then please search for another story somewhere else on this site.  This story is one of horror and ill fate, and how I lost everything that I held dear.  However, if you are looking for a story that seems too unreal to be true, then you’ve found the right one.  However, I can assure you that this story just might make you look over your shoulder every now and then in the city of Toronto, because chances are that I’ll be watching you.

I am, err…I guess I should say that I was a Canadian boy whose life had gone pretty well.  I lived with my mother and step-father in Baby Point (one of the nicer parts of Toronto, you could say) and had my fair share of friends.  It was approaching my 16th birthday and I was obsessed with cars.  Porches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, they were the stuff of my dreams.  I knew I would never get one for my 16th birthday.  Hell, I’d be lucky to get a friggin’ beater Accord.  But I knew that if I had the opportunity, one to get a car (any car), I’d take it.

Then one day I got the job that would change my life (quite literally) forever…

I had been mailing out my resume for the past year, and up to that point I got the generic “we’re sorry, but at this time we’re not ready to employ you and blah blah blah”!  I was going to give up when my father (my actual father) called me up.

“Hey Nickel, what’s going on?” began the voice of my father.

“Not much, how bout’ you?” I replied.

“I got your resume from my boss and I think I have a job for you.”

I was shocked!  A publishing company had an opening!  (Writing is my thing.)

A few weeks later, I was in the office (assistant jobs suck, but hey, its money right?) when my manager came to me with a proposition.  Apparently, there had been a rash of disappearances in the area around northern Ontario.  I was supposed to go and investigate a nearby town and gather info for the newspaper.  The town of Simcoe was only about an hour’s drive away, and my sister Elizabeth could drive me there.  

Two days later, I was on my way up North with my sister.  My head danced with pictures of sports cars and mint antique ones.  The beautifully choreographed dance of automotive perfection was all consuming.  I became null to the reality that surrounded me.  Oh, I could look at these images forever!  Suddenly, just as a Bugatti swirled particularly close, I was awoken to the sound of squealing brakes.  My head made a hard lunge forward, before coming to a stop on the aging headrest behind me.  I snapped at Elizabeth “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ABOUT!?”  However, she sat looking straight ahead, a shocked and unbelieving face painted on her.  I slowly looked forward, only to see a town in shambles.  How do I describe it?  I could have very well been hell, or something right next door at least.  Windows smashed, fires lighting up the buildings, bodies hanging from everywhere, and the blood.  The streets were filled with it.  There had been a war here, and the town was obviously not prepared.  I was horrified, too horrified to speak, to move, I just sat there in my seat and sank into myself further and further.

When my brain started working again, I realized that Elizabeth was gone.  The car door was open, and footsteps through coagulated blood lead off into the town, now illuminated by moonlight.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  If I stayed in the car, she might never come back.  If I went to look for her, I might run into whom or whatever did this to the town.  I was scared, very scared.  Being alone was something I couldn’t tolerate any longer.  I leapt out of the car and chased the footsteps of my sister into the night.

If you thought that a massacre was scary, then what I was seeing was pure concentrated nightmare.  It was a man, or it was, I think.  He had obviously died and then, if I was right, appeared to have been fed upon.  This was weird, if it was an animal that did this, how come there were no footprints.  Furthermore, what kind of animal would eat a man’s face?  He was wearing a blood-stained grocery store apron, and his sneaker’s soles were caked with blood.  He had obviously been running away from something after the streets were in chaos.  But that just didn’t make sense!  What could have killed so many in the streets so fast, that this guy was running through gore by the time he caught wind of whatever happened?

The trail of my sister had gone cold.  The now faded red footprints trailed off into the forest, towards the lake.  I broke down crying, as finally the gravity of the situation sank in.  I would’ve just given up right there and then when I got a chill up my spine.  I whipped my head 360 degrees around.  Nothing.  I had the feeling of being obsessively watched.  I suddenly had the strength to carry on, as my feelings were stuffed back inside me.  I was determined to find Elizabeth, wherever she was.

This place was perhaps even scarier than the town.  There wasn’t anything scary to be seen, which was the problem.  I still couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched, and there was no noise around me whatsoever.  As I wandered through the darkened woods, I wondered if my sister had even gone this way.  Beginning to doubt myself, I was considering going back to the jeep when I spotted the edge of the lake, and to my surprise, Elizabeth’s shoes and freshly made ripples in the water.

What I saw next made me nearly crap my pants.  It was a spacecraft.  Right in the middle of the lake, half submerged in the murky Muskoka water.  It had pipes and lines running across its sleek, muted silver hull.  When there weren’t pipes, the silver coloration was punctuated by a shiny mosaic of black glass.  But what struck me the most about it was the sheer size.  From what little I knew about the depth of the lake, I knew that the ship must easily be taller than most sky scrapers in Toronto.  As for width, it filled up most of the lake, which was around 5 by 10 kilometers wide in this portion (Muskoka has a large series of interconnected lakes.)  And as I mused at this unearthly structure, my eyes were drawn to movement somewhere close to the structure.  More ripples, and, yes, YES!  They came straight from the spot where my sister’s shoes were!  “ELIZABETH!” I cried out as my heart filled with joy, but no answer came to me.  The movement was way too far to tell if it had noticed me, or to tell what it was for that matter.  “ELIZABETH?” I cried yet again.  This time, the movement stopped.  I assumed that Elizabeth had seen me and was going to come back, but strangely the object simply dove under the surface.  

One thing was for sure, Elizabeth was somewhere in the water.  Without pause, I slipped my shoes off and got into the water.  That’s when I heard a shriek from the forest.  This wasn’t a human shriek of terror, however.  This was a shriek that embodied everything I was, had ever been, and ever will be afraid of.  I was too afraid too look back, and began to panic.  Suddenly, my mind fixated on one thing, getting to that structure.  So I swam.  I swam faster and harder than I ever had before, my mind and heart racing.

So there I was, helplessly trying to grab hold of something, anything, on the slick alien spacecraft.  I saw movement all around me, closing in from all angles.  I didn’t know what to do.  The shapes got closer.  I frantically clawed at the hull.  I began to see the shape’s detail.  I screamed and yelled for help with all my energy.  The beings were almost in sight.  I prayed to god for a miracle, but one never came.  Then finally I saw the things for what they were.  For a moment my mind couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing, but when I did I became more horrified than I ever had before.  One powerful word entered my head, Aliens.  This wasn’t possible!  It must be a dream! It HAD to be a dream!  But there they were.  Elongated heads, tubes jutting from their backs, jet black color, and I could only assume that underwater they had the telltale double-jointed legs.  They were coming for me and I was trapped.  I wasn’t even thinking anymore, and with one last burst of adrenaline I grabbed for a low-hanging pipe.  I caught it, and for a brief moment I felt like I was going to be okay.  Then, I felt cold, hard hands snap closed around my ankle.  It happened so fast, there was a blur of motion, a cold feeling as I was pulled into the water and then overwhelming darkness as I was pulled deeper and deeper into the abyss.  

When I gained consciousness I was being dragged through a cold, metal hallway.  After a moment I realized that this must be somewhere inside the spacecraft.  I looked up and sure enough I saw the Alien that must’ve grabbed me.  So many things could happen now, and it terrified me to think that one of them would.  For one, I might be dinner for this hive, and in that case I would probably be eaten alive.  Maybe I would be cocooned and have a Facehugger clamp onto my face, soon to have an Alien baby burst from my chest in a wave of blood.  Then again, they may use my tissue to create more of the resin I saw all around me, just like that poor guy in the 1st Alien movie.  As these thoughts poured into my mind, I suddenly realized I was in a large room, the wall literally covered with Alien resin.  My heart nearly stopped when an Alien seemed to drop from nowhere, right in front of the Alien who had me in its grasp.

They seemed to be communicating in some sort of strange language. It consisted of hisses, wet inhaling sounds, and muted shrieks.  They frequently looked at me then looked at various parts of the room.  I had already figured out that they were discussing what to do with me.  I was sweating bullets, but I tried to remain calm because chances were that they could smell fear.  After what seemed like hours, the Alien holding me carried me over to a dark corner of the room.  Around me appeared to be many giant eggs.  My first thought was that these were Facehugger eggs, but the I realized that these were much too big for that purpose.  Almost all of them were closed, save maybe 2 or 3.  One of said open eggs sat before me, and before I knew what had happened I was thrown into the open hole on top.  The top snapped shut, and I punched and kicked the gooey grey hatch in blind panic.  It was no use, I was trapped.  That’s when I heard a wet sloshing sound, and my still bare feet felt a viscous liquid wrap around my ankles.  The wet prison was filling up fast.  Within a minute it was up to my armpits.  To this day I remember thinking how sad my family would be when they found out.  At least I would drown, supposedly one of the most peaceful ways to go.  I really wish that’s what happened.  The thick slime passed over my head, and I took a deep breath, and I thought that it would be my last.  I tried hopelessly a few more times to open the organic hatch over my head, but to no avail.  I said a mental goodbye and opened my mouth.  I felt the gooey liquid slide down my neck and into my lungs.  It also flowed into my stomach and seemed to circulate straight into my bloodstream.

Fire!  My entire body felt like it was on fire!  Like I was breathing in hell its self!  I tried to scream but my voice was muted in the liquid that now existed outside and within me.  I couldn’t think, the pain was just so intense.  My arms blindly flailed in slow motion within the cocoon.  It felt worse than death, but the worst was yet to come.  As the burning subsided, something much worse took its place.  It felt as if needles had punctured deep into my flesh on ever square inch of me. I was paralyzed as this pain spread into my brain, and I felt a tremendous pressure there.  Then my eyes felt like they were being forcibly pushed into their sockets, and my eye lids, cheeks, and forehead fused into one intolerable pain.  I felt like railroad spikes were being driven deeper and deeper into me.  Then, when that finally disappeared, I was hit by the final and most terrible torture.  It sounded like firecrackers were going off in my head, but what I was really hearing was every bone in my body breaking and reorganizing into a different shape.  My mind was blank and unsteady, delirium caused by extreme pain.  Finally, the railroad spikes and needles pushed out through my fingernails, toenails and back, and solidified into painful devices.  As I faded out, I felt my skull and spine being stretched by some unnatural force.  They locked into their new elongation with a sickening crack, and my mind turned off like a light.

When I awoke, I saw that a murky light surrounded me.  I looked up, to see that the egg had opened. I struggled to the top and anxiously got out.  My mind was still unfocused.  I wandered through the vacuous room, lost and alone, thinking about what had happened.  I couldn’t remember everything.  I remember my sister and me driving into the hellish town.  I remembered the forest and the feeling of being watched.  I remembered everything up to the point where the Alien dragged me under.  I suddenly became aware that an Alien was standing next to me.  It seemed just as surprised to see me.  As I looked it over, it did the same for me.  I was just about to back off slowly and make a run for it when I realized that it was just a reflection off the shiny metal wall.  Ha!  I felt like such a loser.



I turned toward the wall and a horrified Alien was reflected back at me.  A smooth, elongated, eyeless head, a long manipulative tail tipped with a blade, black coloration, tubes coming out of my back, double-jointed legs, it was all there.


I heard the others that were in the eggs waking and making the same horrid discovery, and my tortured Alien shrieks were added to theirs.
Hi, Im new to deviantart and this is just my first story. Id appreciate some constructive critisism if you have any or comments for that matter. Please be nice I know it sucks.

Also, for accuracy's sake, this involves the Aliens created by H.R. Giger for the Alien movies. There has been some confusion between close friends so I don't want to confuse you.

I don't own Xenomorphs/Aliens (Obvee). However, I do own the characters portrayed in this story.
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